Aroma oil massage

Aroma Oel kl xsAn aromatic oil massage combines pleasantly gentle skin care with deeprelaxation to a fragrant experience for all senses. It stimulates the blood circulation, the cardiovascular and muscular systems. The aroma oil massage is deeply relaxing for body and mind and offers the opportunity for inner reflection.

Unlike to the traditional Thai massage, the oil massage is a gentle massage technique. It mainly play the ethereal fragrances a decisive role and have an impact on the well-being and inner balance. During an aromatic oil massage hot massage oil is worked into the skin carefully with little pressure and with smooth, rhythmic strokes. A feeling of wholeness and fullness occurs when the entire body is poured over with hot oil and then spread with hands, treated and pampered.
The mixture of acupressure and gentle massage make the treatment to an almost meditative experience. The massage oil I use is free of mineral oils, parabenem alcohol and preservatives.

I would be happy to leave you with the feeling of this experience, and to help you to improve your well-being.
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