Herbal stamp massage

Kraeuterstempel kl xsThe traditional thermal treatment form with herbal stamps comes  from Asia. In the herbal massage one takes the known effect of herbs, spices, herbal extracts and care actives, filled in a fist-sized cotton bag to benefit.

The herbal pouches are heated before the massage in water vapor. At the beginning of massage brief thermal stimuli are set. Have the herbal compress a skin-friendly temperature to achieve fast Strokes executed. With the warm stamping the entire body is gently massaged in circles along the energy lines. The massage is done in different movements and intensities and is adjusted according to body zone and needs.

The herbal massage is used for different purposes. It stimulates metabolism, promotes the local blood circulation, supports the reduction of tension, nourishes the skin and general well-being begins.

Rejuvenate and experience a symphony of herbs all the senses.
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