Hot Stone massage

hotstone xsThe pleasant, relaxing and healing power of the heat-storing hot stones   on the human body has been known since 2000 BC in China and in the Indian and Hawaiian shamans. Hot Stone Massage stones are flat, matte black and heat-storing stones of volcanic origin.

For the massage the stones are heated in a water bath at a temperature of about 60 ° C. By its shape the stones have a large bearing surface and may as well give their heat to the body. The Hot Stone Massage is a unique, very effective method that addresses body, mind and soul. The combination of hot stones and warm oil  on the skin in conjunction with a relaxing massage leads to physical and mental deep relaxation. In applying the body is first rubbed with oil, are placed on the hot stones. Then a stone after another massaging, ie, taken in circular and stroking movements.

The main effect of a Hot Stone Massage is a meant improving circulation and lymph flow, deep relaxation, muscle relaxation, activating the body's own energy resources and revitalization of the whole organism. 

Just enjoy the benefits of pure wellness with a hot stone massage.
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