Traditional Thai massage

thaimassage kl xsThe traditional Thai massage is known in Thailand as "Nuad Phaen Boran"  also,  which means "ancient healing touch".  It has its origins in the Indian Ayurveda and yoga teaching and has been transmitted from generation to generation for centuries.

Like all oriental treatment concepts is geared primarily to health care and prevention and the Thai Massage. It is particularly to physical and mental well-being and ultimately to quality of life. The Thai massage is based on the idea that the body is traversed on different paths of life energy (Qi), the so-called meridians. Massaging the life energy is made to flow.
In a combination of gentle movement, acupressure, reflexology, stretching (passive yoga), tapping and stretching techniques, meditation, and "Walking on the back" the muscles are gently stretched and strengthened, relieves the spine, stimulate the lymphatic system and deepens the breath.

During the massage you will feel as you relax gradually and a long gone Noticeably rest occurs.

Come and see for yourself.
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