• Thai-Hot-Stone-Massage

    Thai Hot Stone Massage

    The Thai Hot Stone Massage is a unique, very effective form of massage that was practiced in China as early as 2000 BC and also by Indian and Hawaiian shamans. The combination of hot stones and warm oil on the skin combined with a relaxing massage leads to deep physical and mental relaxation.

    Special, heat-storing basalt stones are used for this massage. Due to their shape, the stones have a large contact surface and can thus transfer their heat to the body. For the massage, the stones are heated in a water bath to a temperature of around 60oC.

    The Hot Stone Massage is carried out on a preheated massage table and starting in a face down position. At the beginning of the application, the entire back is given a light massage with warm massage oil. This serves to preheat the muscles and so that the warm stones slide better on the hat during the massage. Then the heated stones are placed along the energy lines. The soothing warmth of the stones is transmitted deep into the skin and into deeper muscle regions, causing a pleasant loosening and relaxation of the muscles.

    After the warm stones have been left to take effect for a short time, the actual massage begins. The massage is performed alternately with the help of stones and hands. There are also gentle massage techniques from the Traditional Thai Massage. The hot massage stones are used to penetrate the muscles deeply, with circular and stroking movements. They are gradually removed from the body.

    The Hot Stone Massage primarily improves blood circulation and lymph flow. The aim of the massage is deep relaxation, relaxation of the muscles, activation of the body's own energy sources and the vitalization of the entire organism.

    Enjoy pure wellness with a Hot Stone Massage.


    •   60 min: 60,00 €     90 min: 85,00 €