• Thai Oil Massage

    Thai Oil Massage

    The Thai Oil Massage is a deeply relaxing full body massage that combines the relaxing effect of an aromatic oil massage with the techniques of Traditional Thai Massage. By using warm massage oils, this massage technique is gentler than the Traditional Thai Massage.

    The Thai Oil Massage is just like the Traditional Thai Massage all parts of the body are included in the specified massage process, i.e. the massage takes place alternately in the back, side and stomach position. The areas of the body that are not being massaged, are covered in order to keep you from getting cold.

    During the massage, gentle stretching, targeted relaxation and active pressure point massage are used to loosen and revitalize tense muscle groups. By using the massage oil the pressure point massage is not as intense as with the Thai Massage. The fluid and smooth execution of the grip techniques and strokes is favored by the massage oil. The massage oil is massaged deep into the layers of the skin by using the ball of the hand, thumb and fingers. The oil also release its nourishing and cosmetic effect and the skin becomes softer and more supple.

    If you are plagued by stress, feel tired and exhausted and want to restore the balance between body, mind and soul, Thai Oil Massage is the right massage for you. Forget everyday life and let yourself be pampered by this gentle Thai Oil Massage. Enjoy a piece of Thailand in the heart of Nuremberg.


    •   60 min: 55,00 €     90 min: 80,00 €     120 min: 100,00€