• Head Shoulder Back Massage

    Head Shoulder Back Massage

    The Head-Shoulder-Back Massage is the partial body massage for in-between. In this treatment, the problem zones in the Shoulder, Neck and Back areas are targeted with specially tailored massage handles and massage techniques.

    The muscle groups in these areas are particularly susceptible to tension and are particularly stressed when working in a one-sided position or when working on the computer for a long time. This is very often reinforced because an untrained body cannot compensate for these incorrect postures. This can very quickly lead to cramps, blockages and tension, but it can also be the cause of nervousness, headaches and insomnia.

    With our Head-Shoulder-Back Massage, the muscle groups in the neck and shoulder area are subjected to an intensive treatment, relaxing the muscles, decreasing the tension and blockages in these areas are resolved. The massage in the neck area is very often helpful to help with problems with headaches. During the head massage, the fine nerves under the skin and the vital points of the head are stimulated. The pleasant pressure and gentle massage movements relax the muscles of the head.

    For the Head-Shoulder-Back Massage, we use special essential oils that help relax the muscles. Our Head-Shoulder-Back Massage is the ideal option for anyone who wants to relax and switch off after a long, tiring day at work in a pleasant atmosphere with a soothing wellness massage.

    Regular treatments bring about a significant increase in vitality and an improvement in well-being, and also guarantee long-term success. Call and make an appointment with us!


    •   30 min: 30,00 €    60 min: 55,00 €