• Thai Tok Sen Massage

    Thai Tok Sen Massage

    The Thai Tok Sen Massage is a very old, unique massage technique that originated with the Lanna hill tribe in northern Thailand. The word "Tok" means knocking and stands for the sacred sound that is produced when you hit special wooden wedges with a wooden hammer during the massage. "Sen" are the energy lines or the meridians, which according to Ayurvedic teaching run through the body on different paths.

    In the Thai Tok Sen Massage, small wooden hammers and specially made chisels are used, with the help of wood made from the tamarind tree to become the sen, the body's energy channels vibrates and resonates with light, rhythmic tapping, trying to release tension and deep blockages. The mode of action of the Tok Sen Massage is related to the Trigger point therapy comparable.

    In our massage practice, the Tok Sen Massage is combined with the Thai Oil Massage to increase the healing effect. This combination of the massage techniques of the Thai Oil Massage and the energy impulses generated by the Tok-Sen technique, penetrating deep into the tissue, ensures relaxation of the muscles and deeper tissue structures, including the fascia, promotes blood circulation in the tissue and increases muscle flexibility.

    The Thai Tok Sen Massage is particularly effective for problems with severe muscle tension and hardening and can also be used for stress and burnout-like symptoms, Insomnia, Nervousness and mood swings as well as back pain and cramps.

    We do not use the Tok Sen Massage if you suffer from Osteoporosis or High Blood Pressure, if you are Pregnant, i.e. if you have a Fibroid Disease. You should definitely experience this gentle, penetrating effect of the Tok Sen Massage.

    For this massage a prior appointment is necessary !!


    •   60 min: 60,00 €     90 min: 85,00 €