• Deep-Tissue / Trigger-Point Massage

    Trigger Point Massage

    A Trigger Point is a irritable localized spot of tenderness in a band of skeletal muscle, that usually refers and causes pain in other areas of the body. Trigger Points can be the cause of your Chronic Head and Back Pains. They are developed in the Fascia and mainly in the center of the muscle belly.

    Our Trigger-Point / Deep-Tissue Massage combines the positive effects of Deep-Tissue Massage with those of Trigger-Point Massage. Deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. After warming your muscles, the massage is performed with deep finger pressure and with firm and slow strokes. This reaches the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissue to reduce tension in muscles and tissues.

    The goal of trigger-point massage is to eliminate tiny, painful local muscle hardening, also known as trigger points that have a certain radiation pattern. Most muscle pain is due to trigger points, although the pain usually does not occur where the trigger point is located.

    With the trigger point massage, the pain points / trigger points in the already heated muscle are specifically pressed and stretched with certain grips. The therapeutic effect of the trigger point massage is immediately noticeable.

    A trigger point / deep tissue massage can be useful for the following symptoms: Tension headache, muscular overload pain, pain in the neck, cervical spine or shoulder blades, pain in the hip and lateral thighs.

    Please refrain from a trigger point / deep tissue massage if you are at risk for the formation of blood clots, after chemotherapy or radiation, after surgery, if you take blood thinners or if you suffer from osteoporosis. You should also refrain from a trigger point / deep tissue massage for unhealed wounds, suspected bone fractures, thrombosis in the calves, bacterial inflammation of muscles, taking Marcumar or aspirin and long-term medication with cortisone.

    For this massage a prior appointment is necessary !!


    •   60 min: 65,00 €     90 min: 95,00 €