• Thai Foot Massage

    Thai Foot Massage

    Our feet carry us through life every day and do the hard work. Despite this, they are the most neglected part of the body. The treatment of pressure points on the feet has been part of Far Eastern massage traditions for a very long time.

    Both in Traditional Thai Massage and in traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic forms of massage, the assumption is anchored that the feet are a mirror image of the human organs and targeted stimulation of the foot reflex zones that are assigned to them. Organs can be positively influenced and numerous symptoms and complaints can be alleviated. This assumption has been partially confirmed by clinical studies and investigations.

    A targeted Thai foot Massage is therefore not only a blessing for tired feet after a long day of work, but also ensures a pleasant relaxation of the entire body.

    We start the Foot Massage with a revitalizing foot bath. The Thai Foot Massage includes the massage of the feet and the calves up to the knees. The massage begins with the activation of the reflex zones of the foot. This is done with targeted pressure techniques in circular movements and using special massage sticks. This can improve blood and lymph circulation. Finally, a gentle massage of the feet, calves and knees using warm oil is carried out to relax and loosen tense muscles.

    Our Thai foot massage is a treat for your stressed feet. Treat yourself and your feet to something special.


    •   60 min: 55,00 €     90 min: 80,00 €